Holiday Travel Information


Each traveller is required to have a valid passport for any travel abroad. It is the responsibility of each client to ensure that they and all members of their party have valid passports, and also visas where necessary. Names on passports (first and surnames) must exactly match the names on any tickets. British citizens must have a valid 10-year passport, and many countries require at least 6 months validity remaining on the passport after the date of return from travel. If applying for a new passport please do so well in advance of the date of travel. Further information from the Passport Office, website .


Travellers to or passing through the USA (including children) must have individual 10 year passports of the machine readable type. Visas are not normally required by British citizens travelling for holiday/leisure purposes, but they must have an ESTA - Electronic System for Travel Authorisation. Click here for details.


Visas may be required by British citizens for travel to certain countries outside the EU, and it is the responsibility of clients to ensure that they and all members of their party have obtained valid visas as required. For further information visit the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website, and/or contact the embassy, consulate or high commission of the relevant country. NB. For clients on Baltic cruises calling at St Petersburg, Russian visas are required if you intend to visit the city individually, but cruise lines normally arrange a group visa for passengers going ashore within an organised tour.


Destinations may have particular health requirements. Consult your GP for medical advice including re vaccinations etc. The Department of Health gives information on website, and you can obtain the DoH leaflet "Health Advice for Travellers" from your local post office.

European Health Insurance

Clients intending to visit any EU country ( and also Switzerland, Norway or Iceland) are strongly advised to carry a personal EHIC Card. This enables you to use local emergency NHS services, and the card replaces the previous E111 arrangements. Available free online from or obtain application forms from your post office. NB Travel Insurance claims may not be met if you have neglected to use your EHIC card where possible.

Travel Insurance

It is essential that each member of your party is covered by suitable travel insurance. NB some insurers charge an additional premium for cruise travel. Please click here to book online by direct link to insurers. Safety Abroad The Foreign & Commonwealth Office gives updated information on safety issues for each country. Website or phone 020 7238 4503/4. Cruise lines may re-route to avoid ports where major safety issues have been raised