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My husband and I, well we’re a fussy pair
When we couldn’t find flights to Cuba we did despair
We searched online, we searched offline, we searched high, we searched low
But there were no flights over Christmas and nowhere else would we go
Then one sunny day when Deb and I were out drinking
She mentioned Victor and got me all wishful thinking
So I spoke to this Victor and told him of our plan
“Don't worry,” he said, “for Christmas in Cuba I'm your man.”
I named the hotel where we wanted to stay
“Oh no, Sarah,” he said. “Don’t go there, no way.
I know of a hotel that’s so much finer.”
He showed me its picture, the pool and the diner
“Wow!” I said when I saw it. “But can you get us a flight?”
“I’ll try,” he promised. “I’ll try with all my might.”
And lo and behold like the marvel he is
He found us a flight for December the 20th
So on Christmas Day with rum from Havana
We'll be raising a toast to Gadabouts’ Victor and Barbara

Thank you so much for all your help. You and Barbara found us the holiday of our dreams. I have no hesitation in recommending Gadabouts Travel to friends and family, and I will definitely give you a call when I plan next year’s holiday.
Sarah Bonner